What Is His Name

Explaining the Father’s name – Yahweh. How it was hidden. How it is used in Biblical names. Scriptural references, scholarly references. Covers Jehovah, titles and the words “the LORD.”

What Is His Son’s Name

Explaining the name of the Son of Yahweh – Yahshua. How it was changed and where “Jesus” came from and what it means. Proper nouns and transliteration. Biblical and scholarly references.

Israel’s 71 Weeks

Daniel’s prophecy in Chapter 9:16-19 and an accounting of what the words actually say. Detailed answers to the myths and distortions accumulated over the centuries that have lead to some un-scriptural interpretations.

Women Long Hair; Men Beards

A complete study of the differences in the sexes and why Yahweh created them. How and why He commands us to remain separate. Scriptural support and scholarly references and how we changed over the centuries.

Tongues, A Sign For Today

An explanation of what happened at Pentecost. What “tongues” are and what Yahweh uses them for. It covers Paul’s description and how they apply today.

Praise Him Without Shame

How the saints in scripture worshipped Yahweh and how we should today. What He expects in worship and what He desires from us.

Women Apostles – Service In The Assembly

Coverage of the controversial verses dealing with women in ministry. Who decides how we serve in the assembly and how it relates to husbands and wives.

Genesis’ Creation Examined

Exploring the evidence found in Genesis and using what we know from scientific discoveries presents a clearer more understandable picture of the beginning of the physical universe. How it developed or evolved to be what it is today.